My new habit list and how I'm keeping myself accountable?

My new habit list and how I'm keeping myself accountable?

Whole 22 years of my life, I was lack of discipline. Everything I did was not discipline-drived, but instead passion-drived.

In my opinion, it's impossible to be successful without discipline.

It doesn't matter if you're successful and:

  • fat
  • not-grounded
  • without self-esteem

So, I reviewed my habits, my values, and of course my principles!

I researched about how can I get good habits and get rid of bad ones. I came acrossed with Tina Huang back in the time and joined her discord server January 2022. Then one video of hers, I learned about scoreboards. I immediately built one for myself. Below is the one

As you can see, even scoreboard doesn't make you disciplined! 🥲

I even read a book about it; Discipline equals to freedom by Jocko Willink and listened his podcasts sometimes, didn't make me disciplined! 🥲

Another problem I was having is = focusing to many habits at the same time. In that way, I couldn't keep habits. Here's my 2024 scoreboard with 6 habits, OMG! 😱

You can see, I'm having a hard time with getting up early, and journaling and coding (btw I haven't documented my coding daily in here, I've programmed a lot of times 😅)

6 habits in a time, not successful.

Then when I joined Meri's accountability sessions bunch of time; they gave me some advices:

  • don't focus on multiple habits at a time, stack later
  • if some habits doesn't work you, remove them

They were right, so let's see February Habits! 🥹

February was great month for me, but I don't know why; I couldn't documented my habits daily

but you can see it right; I changed my habits from 6 to 5 simplest habits!

Then I realized I don't need to meditation if I'm not consistent to waking up and other stuff. So I removed that one!

I also realized that It's time to take a break for japanese; learning a language without emerging myself fully, that's why I said maybe later in a better time.

Let's take a look at my March habits:

Looks like more successful for me! 😎

In March, I realized that cold exposure is the key to get rid of comfort zone. So I only focused that. and it turns out that I am waking up before 7am most of the time, which is so cool: because I couldn't reach that point for a long time.

It's still hard to keep 4 habits everyday, but hopefully next month I would be able to stack all together and fully disciplined by my habits.

Anyway let's talk about accountability...

Meri's accountability discord!

I saw her post on the linkedin about accountability and it's changing my life!

But how?

Every week, we're gathering in the discord lounge to talk about our habits, our performance of the week, and whys?

It's awesome to see that other members supporting you everyday!

And what is more awesome than that, is gathering feedback about yourself and advice from other great people!

I even collaborated with Meri for livecoding on youtube!! 🥰

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See you next time! 🤘