Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

As a passionate and dedicated open source enthusiast, I have always been driven by my curiosity and love for technology. Over the years, I have been actively involved in various open source initiatives and events, and have made eagerly impactful contributions to the communities.

PyData Global 2022

As a volunteer at PyData Global 2022, I had the opportunity to moderate a number of workshops and track sessions. This was an excellent learning experience for me since it gave me hands-on exposure and insight into the real-world of the machine learning (MLOps) and open source. Fun fact: I had to moderate almost 4 hours of sessions consecutively :D

During the conference, I took part in the Optuna open-source sprint. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me because it allowed me to contribute to a well-known open source project. I'm still actively contributing to the project, and I am currently working on Python 3.11 support.

Hacktoberfest 2022

ne of the highlights of my involvement in the open source community has been my participation in Hacktoberfest. This annual event, organized by DigitalOcean and GitHub, encourages developers and contributors to get involved in open source projects and make meaningful contributions.

I contributed to Evidently AI, an open source monitoring tool, at Hacktoberfest 2022 by providing a statistical test of Fisher's exact test. It was a thrilling chance for me to work with the sophisticated MLOps tool. As a maintainer in Hacktoberfest, I was able to make a substantial contribution to Iterative. My responsibilities as a maintainer included producing a blog post about the event and offering direction and help to the contributors. This was a great learning opportunity for me, and I am glad to have been a part of such a successful and meaningful event.

In Hacktoberfest 2021, I contributed to DagsHub by uploading version controlled audio datasets using DVC. This contribution was a valuable and rewarding experience that opened the doors to the world of open source and sparked my interest and passion for DVC. I'm looking forward to continuing to make meaningful contributions in the future to DagsHub.

I took part in Datafusion AI during the lockdown. As a result, I was able to improve my soft skills and use them in practical situations. I'm appreciative of the chances it has given me. By arranging activities and collaborating with other members, I was able to develop my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. For me, this was a worthwhile and satisfying experience .

Overall, I have a huge passion for open-source, and I hope it will continue. Given that open source efforts play a significant role in fostering innovation and advancement in the tech industry, and because I am dedicated to continue my engagement in these initiatives, I expect that my involvement will have a good effect. Keep in mind that by working together, we can change the world of open-source!