How to learn Julia?

How to learn Julia?
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In this blog post, I'm going to share the resources that I find very interesting and informative for the Julia programming language.

But, firstly I need to answer this question; "Why should I learn Julia?"

  • Performance, it's really fast! ( Remember as fast as C and as easy as Python )
  • Readiness! (Mostly it's easier than Python)
  • Multiple Dispatch (To create multiple functions with the same name, isn't it great!)

You can read a blog post about it here.

How you can learn?

Let's continue with how you can learn Julia. Before diving into the resources, you should discover yourself for productivity. What kind of learner are you? (visual or text-based)

Try it out and find out by yourself!

I talked with a lot of people and the equations are like that;

  • Beginner: courses, videos
  • Intermediate: videos, books
  • Experienced: books, documentation

I'm suggesting to follow the documentation, but it's hard to build a habit of learning from the documentation. So you're asking "How you're learning?"

I started in the field with beginner courses, and now I'm following books, documentation, and some fundamental courses from talented YouTubers. πŸ˜‡

Julia Programming Language (Youtube) β–Ί

On the official Julia youtube channel, there are a lot of courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. Even for nervous beginners, there is a playlist :D,

Here is a list of some playlists on Youtube, don't forget to subscribe channel to support the Julia language

  • Julia Tutorials (Basics)
  • Julia Tutorials (Intermediate)
  • Julia Programming for Nervous beginners
  • JuliaCon recordings (for more advanced topics and packages)

doggo dot jl (Youtube) β–Ί

I love this channel, the way of teaching is amazing. It's so easy to understand. There are various playlists from beginners to machine learning and differential equations. I started the diff equations playlist yesterday. I'm suggesting this channel because of the explanations and comprehensive teaching! Here is the channel link.

Julia Crash Course (ebook) πŸ“–

Actually, I didn't read this book. But, I know Logan and his experience. I'm following him for almost 2 years. He is a brilliant engineer and a Julia programmer. The book is pre-order phase right now, but if you want to learn Julia, I'm definitely recommending this one! Here is the link!

Julia Zoid (Medium) πŸ‘Ύ

If you have fun learning from blog posts, here is the best resource for you! You can submit your blog posts to reach more people and contribute Julia community via Julia Zoid. I love reading what other people write and writing is a great skill for programmers IMO. You can check Julia Zoid here!

Julia Academy (Teachable)πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“

Julia lang has its own academy for courses whether it's a beginner or advanced. Some time ago, I fell in love with Julia lang and I was taking courses from Academy. It was a good experience for me, and the procedure of learning from the course was effective! Here is the link for Academy!

Documentation (doc page) πŸ“œ

And the final resource is documentation. I started learning from documentation with Julia. It's probably the best way to learn a programming language deeply, but unfortunately, most programmers/developers hate reading docs, sadly :/

I believe that if you create discipline for reading documentation, you will see the outcome of this habit quickly. Link to the doc.

That's it, let's choose one of these resources to learn about Julia!

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Catch ya next time! 🫑