Diary Review 1

Diary Review 1

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Hey, this is my first newsletter! I will publish newsletter every week, if that doesn't work I will try biweekly. Anyway, here I am, breaking my perfectionist shell and getting my shits done! šŸ˜…

šŸŒø Life

Let me start with Life. I'm still student which sucks, because I cannot have a full-time job with college. šŸ„² I'm still behind in computational biology lessons. I was busy last two weeks and missed the online lessons, that's why I will watch recordings later. Exams were a little bit hard but we have ChatGPT, isn't it! šŸ¤£

Of course, my life is not just school. Last week I went to a speaking club event, and I practiced 2-hours straight. I met a lot of good people on the event, even tried Korean food called as Bokkimyeong! šŸœ

I also started hitting gym again, gym rat is coming :D, beside my power routine I also building a new habit of running. I'm running once an every other three day. My goal is be able to run 10k at once! Endurance sports always attracts me. šŸšµā€ā™€ļø

šŸŽø Learning

I'm learning everything on my own these days. Again, college sucks! xD
I wrote down a blog post about the differences between Dynamic - Static programming.šŸ‘‡

The Yin and Yang of Typing: Dynamic vs. Static
Static and Dynamic typing are two different characteristics of programming language itself.Typing is just type checking in programming language.

Aside from that, I'm starting a DVCLive.jl project which is ML Logging package in Julia. That's why I also started a book called "Hands-on Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia" It's a quiet new journey for me. I was always thinking about building my own open-source packages in the future, so it's a good start for me. The project is just initialized, but I am working hard to make first release soon! (I'm looking forward for feedbacks!)

GitHub - mertbozkir/DVCLive.jl: Julia package for logging ML metrics
Julia package for logging ML metrics. Contribute to mertbozkir/DVCLive.jl development by creating an account on GitHub.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» What Iā€™m Working On

My last week goal was publishing a TIL post about Multiple Dispatch - Function Overloading, but without learning the differences between dynamic - static bindings it's not a straightforward task. In fact, understanding the differences between bindings are most essential thing to understand how dispatching works!

I will work hard this week to;

  • make a new release on DVCLive.jl project, regarding to logging!
  • be able to jog 45 min
  • writing a blogpost about dispatching or something else
  • learning more about web programming and platforming

šŸ”¦ Spotlight!

In this section, I will share some of tools/packages that really attracts me. Since this is my first time of sharing newsletter, stay tune for the next time...